Rik Oberoi

Responsible for the “o” in Disc”o”Brakes, Rik gets involved in every discipline of cycling. From XC mountain bike racing, Enduro and DH events, road criteriums, stage races and even super long Audax events.

Rik races whenever the opportunity arises, and while he might be a mountain biker or specifically a DHer at heart, he gets involved in pretty much any discipline that involves two wheels and therefore has a few suggestions for what works where:  

DiscoBrakes brake pads

Pads (wet): Sintered pads are Rik’s favorite choice when the tracks and trails are muddy and water-logged. While sintered pads might not deliver the same power as his favorite dry compound (Ceramic Pro), their toughness and durability give him confidence even in the most atrocious weather and trail conditions.


Floating rotors have several advantages over solid rotors. They’re lighter because they have an aluminum carrier that connects to the braking surface. They have better heat dissipation due to the air gap between the carrier and the braking surface, which reduces the transfer of heat to the hub and wheel. This means there is a reduced chance of warping and cracking under heavy load, making their lifespan longer than solid rotors too.

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Lightweight alloy rotor bolts keep the weight and the center of the hub low, add a bit of color and do exactly what you need them to do without adding unnecessary heft.


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