In our FAQ section, you will find a few questions that we regularly get asked on our main DiscoBrakes and CarbonCycles sites, and on our social media channels. To make it easier for everyone, and in particular, newcomers to the world of DiscoBrakes and CarbonCycles, we have listed a few key ones here. 


How do I order DCO-approved and recommended products?

Most of the products mentioned here can be found  on www.discobrakes.com and www.carboncycles.cc. Both sites are run by the same team as DCO Racing and offer a vast selection of products and purchasing options to buy the products directly. Both sites ship worldwide, and the products have had multiple test wins and frequently receive high praise from the international cycling press.  

I am a racer myself. How can I get involved with DiscoBrakes?

As a direct business, we are always keen to find ways to reach new customers, and sponsorship can be a way of doing that. To get a better idea of who you are and what you can offer, please send us a detailed proposal, including your social media following, race results and magazine/website activities, to mike@discobrakes.com. We look at every serious proposal and will get back to you with further questions, comments and perhaps an offer.  

How do I make sure that I order the right product for what I need?


We have multiple advice and selector tools on our sites that will help you to find the right product. The most important is the Brake Pad Identifier. The Identifier will allow you to compare your brake pads with the options we have in our range and takes you straight to the correct

Besides that, we also have a comprehensive Compound Chart that will give you an overview of the various compounds we offer and lets you choose the perfect pad for your riding style, trail conditions and terrain.

On the CarbonCycles front, we have the Fork Selector. This tool allows you to narrow down our large choice of forks to the selection that will fit your needs. 

But despite the various tools, if you should end up with a product that doesn’t suit, simply return it within 60 days in its original packaging and a re-saleable condition. Goods must not have been fitted or used.

I am not 100% sure what brake pads fit my brake caliper. Is there an easy way to make sure I order the correct shape?


With so many different brake options available nowadays, it is sometimes difficult to find the right pad for your caliper. For that, we have developed the  Brake Pad Identifier

Simply take your worn pads out of your caliper and find the matching one on the listings for the different brake manufacturers. Either make sure that your screen is set to 100% or print the pages at 100% to match the outlines. The Identifier is interactive, allowing you to click on the link underneath the correct pad to go straight to the page where you can purchase.

DiscoBrakes offers lots of different compounds for the majority of  its brake pads. Where can I find out about the characteristics of the compounds so that I can choose the right one for me?

Some of our brake pads come in up to 5 different compounds, all with different characteristics when it comes to power (wet and dry), quietness, life expectancy and heat dissipation. As the various compounds also vary in price, the Compound Chart will make it easier to find the perfect brake pad for your budget and preferred  characteristics.

I have been racing DiscoBrake products like disc brake pads, rotors or adapters for a while, and I am keen to share my experience. How can I do this?

We are always keen to hear from customers, how they get on with their product and how we performed as a company. A good place to share your experiences is on Trustpilot:

DiscoBrakes on TrustPilot 

o CarbonCycles on TrustPilot

Besides that, we always welcome direct feedback. So, if you have something to share, please contact us at mike@discobrakes.com and let us know what you think of our product and our service. We can then share it on our socials 
DiscoBrakes Facebook 

CarbonCycles Facebook

What shipping costs should I expect?

We ship worldwide from our warehouses in the UK and USA with FREE shipping to 51 countries. So, for example, all deliveries to the UK, most of Europe and USA have free shipping. The Shipping page will show whether shipping is free for your country. For all other shipping costs, the shopping cart will calculate your shipping costs and give you an estimated delivery time.

Brexit. I know that the main European warehouse for DiscoBrakes is in the UK. However, I live elsewhere in the EU. Are there additional charges when I order from DiscoBrakes, and how do they get handled?

Don’t worry; we have you covered. If you should experience additional customs charges when receiving your order, simply get in touch with our customer service department via support27@discobrakes.com, and our team will look into reimbursing those charges for you. While we are looking for a more straightforward solution, this option allows you to freely order from DiscoBrakes and CarbonCycles without running the risk of additional charges. Do note that this applies only to EU orders shipped from the UK.

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