José Antonio Hermida

This legend of mountain bike racing needs no introduction. With three World Championships (Junior, U23 and Elite) and a bunch of XCO World Cup wins under his belt, José can look back at an illustrious career. He gets involved in multi-day stage races, marathon adventures, e-enduro events, gravel expeditions and demanding Gran Fondos. Always being a rider that is meticulous with his equipment, José makes sure that he has the perfect stopping gear for every riding and racing situation. 

Here are a few of his product suggestions.       

DiscoBrakes brake pads

Ceramic Pro all the way. Living and racing in the mountains, I just love the impressive stopping power and the way ceramic pads deal with the extreme heat that gets generated through prolonged and heavy braking. The brakes don’t fade, even in extreme conditions.

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Light weight and great stopping power 

Weight is very much at the forefront when it comes to his XC setup, so José has been using floating and AirTech rotors on his bikes and appreciates the fact that he can easily upsize to a 180 mm setup (for his downcountry bike).

Brake Adapters

Being a rider with an extensive stable of bikes, the large selection of DiscoBrakes adapters allows him to adjust the rotor size on all his bikes. In particular, the latest addition of Flat Mount adapters has given José the chance to run 180 mm rotors front and back for increased stopping power on his favorite Pyrenees home trails.


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