Cédric Gracia

4X, downhill racer, Red Bull Rampage winner, Enduro superstar and all-round Mountain Bike legend Cédric Gracia loves DiscoBrakes and even has his own signature pad – the Copper Free brake pads. Cedric has been part of the mountain bike world for many years, and after leaving the world of World Cup racing, he concentrates on enduro and long distance DH events as well as getting heavily involved in the Forestal bike project, being one of the key testers and getting closely entangled in the development process. Taking his test bikes out on the demanding terrain in his home country Andorra, Cédric constantly pushes his braking equipment to the limit. Braking power, modulation, and heat dissipation are key factors for Cédric, which make his Copper Free signature pad the ideal compound for most of his riding. 

But there is always an exception to the rule, here are Cédric’s own words about our sintered pads which impressed him in the 2019 Mega Avalanche Reunion Island: 

“I always had trouble finding the perfect pads for that kind of… It is like 2,000m of just down, and it is around 40 mins of racing, with the worst conditions you can have in racing. You have volcanic dirt, which usually breaking your pads in half after a day. With DiscoBrakes, you know what happened, I did the full week, all the way to race included, with the same (Sintered) pads. It was just brilliant.”

E-Enduro, Enduro and DH:

Pads: Balanced performance is key for Cédric. While braking power in all conditions is hugely important for him, heat dissipation and longevity for the long Andorra tracks are equally relevant. And to top it all off, only a quiet bike is a fast bike. All these attributes get perfectly covered by our Copper-Free compound. [Check out the DiscoBrakes disc brake offering here]   

Rotors: As gravity-inspired or e-supported riding is the name of the game, Cédric relies on our powerful floating rotors. They are not just available in up to 203 mm size but also in multiple colors, which is important to help Cédric’s bike look its best. The aluminum spider and stainless steel construction help to deal with the heat on demanding Andorran descents and keep braking consistent and brake fade to a minimum. [Check out the DiscoBrakes floating rotor offering here]   

Bolts: Cédric loves to coordinate the look of his bike as well as add a little color once in a while. On top of that, he is still obsessed with reducing weight without sacrificing performance. While only a small contributor to the overall weight, our colorful aluminum rotor bolts, as well as our titanium bolts, can be found in various places on his Forestal rigs. [Check out the DiscoBrakes alloy and titanium bolt offering here]   

Adapters: Getting the right size rotor is key for Cédric, in particular when he is e-bike and enduro bike testing. For that reason, he relies on our large range of disc brake adapters to get the setup just right. And the fact that they come in multiple colors allows him to add a bit of sparkle to his frame and fork. [Check out the DiscoBrakes adapter offering here]   

To stay in touch with Cédric, follow him on Facebook and on Instagram.    

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